Small Game

As a option to your hunting package and if you have early success, we have plenty of small game to hunt at each of our hunting lodges. Snowshoe hare is one of the most common small game species in Newfoundland. This animal is very fast and can be very challenging to some of the best shooters. If hunters wish to catch the Snowshoe Hare by snaring, our guides will be more than happy to assist with setup. Ptarmigan hunting is on the increase in Newfoundland. For a few years the numbers were down and many people gave up hunting them. Today, the numbers are at peak levels and many hunters are beginning once again to enjoy the sport of hunting this small game bird for the delicious taste of its meat. Grouse is similar to the Ptarmigan, both in appearance and taste of meat. Both these species are at higher population levels than normal and many hunters are taking advantage. At our new flat hills location these birds are numerous on times and you'll be sure to enjoy hunting these quiet and highly camouflaged game birds. Parsons Pond Outfitters P.O. Box 130, Parsons Pond, Newfoundland, Canada, A0K-3Z0 Tel:709 243-7207 Cell:709-458-7420 e-mail:
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You may wish to add a small game hunt to your hunting package or if your big game hunt ends early continuing your hunting trip with small game license and the assistance of a guide from Parsons Pond Outfitters.  Some of species hunted in Newfoundland and Labrador include coyote, wolf, snowshoe hare, Arctic hare (hunted in Labrador only), willow ptarmigan, rock ptarmigan, ruffed grouse and spruce grouse. Migratory game birds include ducks, geese and snipe. You can get your non-resident small game licences regular vendor outlets such as  convenience and sporting goods stores, and at Government Services Centres. Migratory Game Bird Permits are available through Canada Post Offices.
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