Moose Hunt

The most popular big game animal we hunt is the moose. It is estimated that Newfoundland has about 120,000 moose, and non- resident hunters have access to some of the most remote areas to pursue this huge animal. Moose can weigh 544 kg (1200 pounds) or more.  However, despite their size, they are able to move swiftly and gracefully along the fringes of marshes and nearly impenetrable forest. Moose hunting season occurs during the annual mating urge when bulls can be called by guides to within an easy rifle or bow shot. Hunting packages are usually of a week's duration and include meals, knowledgeable guides, transportation into the campsite and comfortable lodging. Moose meat is delicious to eat, and we can arrange for you to bring your meat back home for your freezer. Moose antlers are also a unique trophy to take back home. Non-resident license quotas are strictly controlled, and may be acquired only through approved outfitters. Licenses are limited so interested persons should respond quickly. All forms for licenses will be handled by us. P.O. Box 130, Parsons Pond, Newfoundland, Canada, A0K-3Z0 Tel:709 243-7207 Cell:709-458-7420 e-mail: ***Licenses for the Woodland Caribou and other big game are issued on a first come first serve basis so its important to book early.***
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Newfoundland's 150,000 moose are

descended from just four that were

introduced from New Brunswick a century


Newfoundland and Labrador - Newfoundland has about 150,000 moose, that  are all descendants of just four moose that were introduced from New Brunswick in 1904. This is an amazing example of how a species of animal can be introduced to a new area and thrive. Awkward-looking, this largest member of the deer family can be 2 metres (61/2-7 1/2 ft) at the shoulders, with long legs supporting its big barrel-shaped body. Males can carry about 20 kilograms of antlers. They are wonderful to watch, but can be a major hazard for highway drivers. Be especially careful when driving at dusk and dawn. The average weight for an adult male is 385 to 534 kilograms (850 to 1180 lbs). In a car collision, the moose usually comes out on top. Source:
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